Transformative Leadership Training

Intensive Two-Day Training Event

The Transformative Leadership Training (TLT) is our most popular service, and it is the one that most churches begin with. It involves an eleven-week process which includes an intensive two-day event that brings clergy and lay leaders together to help them begin to see the church’s future clearly. Colinasway has developed and adapted tools to help your church get the most out of this experience. This is our most popular service and it is our primary one.


COSMOS – Challenges, Opportunities, Strengths, Momentum, Stories
A COSMOS questionnaire is customized with the pastor and one or two other leaders to ask questions that will help identify key challenges, opportunities, and strengths. It also names the key ministry and outreach that has given or is giving the church Momentum (MO) to leverage strengths and address challenges. In addition, it teaches the leadership how stories reveal who a congregation is (its soul) as it prepares them to discover the unique vision for their congregation’s future.

A MissionInsite Report helps the church understand their mission field. This report will give good demographic data that will be useful to the church going forward. This is a tool that most congregations have access to through their Annual Conferences.

Birkman Method®
This Birkman Method® assesment is a personality profile that has been around over sixty years. It was developed by a consummate United Methodist businessman and used by more than three million people and many large companies throughout the world. Colinasway mentors are trained to use the tool to increase awareness of how much leaders need one another. It also shows individuals their strengths and what is needed to reach their greatest effectiveness.

Summary Report
The whole TLT process evolves from the information gathered from the COSMOS questionnaire. In the end, the congregation will have a Summary Report, essentially capturing the days’ findings with suggestions of next step options. The results will provide a foundation for additional work leading to vision and mission.


  • Dates for TLT are decided upon and contract signed.
  • Week One—20+ participants are identified and COSMOS Questionnaire is sent out.
  • Week Two—Follow-up to questionnaire.
  • Week Three—MissionInsite Report is requested.
  • Week Four—Birkman Profile is sent out.
  • Week Five—Data from COSMOS questionnaire is compiled. Birkman profiles are discussed.
  • Week Six—TLT event takes place!
  • Week Ten—Summary Report is completed.
  • Week Eleven—Celebration Event with Discussion of the Next Steps


Trained lay and clergy mentors work together as a team to lead all Colinasway services. The role of the mentors is to be spiritual guides who come and walk alongside the congregation’s leaders, first asking good questions and listening, then telling the group what they are hearing through the data given in the questionnaires and in their comments. Colinasway mentors believe that God speaks through the people in the congregation, and our role is to help the leaders discover the wisdom and vitality that is already there inside the church. We also believe that God can speak through Colinasway mentors, both lay and clergy, who have had similar experiences and gained wisdom from them.

Because of this, the Summary Report includes suggestions and possibilities from the mentors for moving the church forward with the understanding that the more church leaders focus and pray about the church’s strengths, challenges, stories, etc. with the mentors, the more we will discern what will take the church forward and make it more vital. Church leaders and Colinasway mentors work together to bring about this result!