The Congregational Visioning Process is the next step in our process, helping congregations focus on the vision-driven, mission-focused, values-based ministry of making disciples. This process develops a clear view of the church’s Vision or preferred future. It also updates or clarifies the mission and shifts ministries to be in line with both the Vision and Mission so that more disciples can be made.

This is an 18-month process and is valuable in helping a church prepare for ultimate success in a capital campaign, relocation, a new ministry model, etc. Progress can be realized within 6 months, and the church can see major growth along the way. Colinasway wants a church to know clearly who it is, where it is going, and how it will serve its mission field.

Transformative Leadership Training lays the foundation on which the Congregational Visioning Process moves forth. After a church defines it Vision, three to five big ideas become tangible actions that are defined, charted, and carried out over a period of 18 months. Colinasway mentors hold the team accountable to its plan that the leaders have developed.

Working the steps of the Congregational Visioning Process leads a church down the road toward God’s dream for them and its greatest vitality!