Skeeter has a passion for helping people reach their fullest potential in their work and personal lives. Helping them realize and achieve their dreams allows them to claim the abundance of the universe in their lives. Skeeter values teamwork and collaboration, trust, commitment, honesty, directness, innovation, and fun.

Skeeter has been a member of The United Methodist Church since 1972. He has served at various leadership positions in the church and has coached Pastors in leadership and organizational matters. He provides leadership in helping churches create vision and strategic plans. He regularly participates in worship as a member of a praise team with vocals and playing the guitar.

Skeeter holds a B.S. in Organizational Development and Leadership from Friends University. Skeeter has a unique combination of large organization management and significant project management skills and experience. His extensive knowledge and experience using organizational development practices and tools makes him a dynamic leader and team builder relating to organizational and enterprise–wide cross-functional environments. He has a proven record of accomplishment in business problem-solving based on process deployment and management.

Skeeter works with leaders and organizations to bring about new organizational cultures. He embraces change as a means for organizations and individuals to grow and prosper. His 37+ years of business experience has centered on delivering leading-edge computing products and services in both administrative and manufacturing environments. He has worked closely with producing-units in four different company environments. Whether working on a global or an individual-site basis he focuses on positively affecting economic profit through the achievement of business goals. He has extensive experience creating new organizational cultural norms driven by Acquisitions, Mergers, Divestitures, Corporate Initiatives, and Major Organizational Change.

During the last thirty years, Skeeter has effectively managed organizations within Boeing and Spirit Aerosystems. His last role at Spirit was as Chief Information Officer (CIO). His preferred approach to leadership and management has been to use organizational development and teaming practices and tools.

Skeeter has significant experience as a facilitator in the use of Organizational Development, Change Management, Quality Management, and Team Building practices and tools. At Boeing’s Leadership Center, as Manager Practitioner, he taught and facilitated classes pertaining to Economic Profit to middle level managers, Strategic Leadership, and Business Simulations for Senior Managers and Executives. In addition, over a five-year period as an Adjunct Professor, he taught classes in Telecommunications Management and Project Management.

He has been married to his wife Millie for over 40 Years. They have two grown children Heather and Matt and four grandchildren: Tyler, Trevor, Samantha, and Willow.