Cyndy Pierson is a native of Dallas, having lived all of her life in the metroplex area. She and her husband, Bill, have been married for 36 years, and have three children and three grandchildren. Raised in the United Methodist Church, Cyndy has a long history of love for the church.

Cyndy is a “preacher’s kid”, as her father was a United Methodist pastor in the North Texas Conference. As a result of this close connection to the church, she knows the value of the church as the foundation of living a Christian life. It is her belief that through the church, people come to know Christ on a personal level and find the support to live their faith on a daily basis.

Professionally, Cyndy has spent 39 years working in public education, first as a teacher, then High School Counselor, Campus Administrator, and finally as a Consultant for Academic Development. Working with organizations such as schools has provided her with many opportunities to help others identify their goals and vision, and then create plans to accomplish such goals.

As the Director of Guidance at Plano Senior High School, she was awarded the Eisenhower Award, given by the alumni of West Point Academy to a counselor in the Dallas area in recognition of service to students through public education. Her dedication to the students led her to work with curriculum and instruction, emphasizing the various learning styles of students in the classroom. As the Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction at Plano West Senior High, she worked to find innovative ways to provide low performing students with an opportunity to find success. Her ministry has always been focused on the needs of the individuals with whom she works, and finding ways to move them toward their goals in a positive environment.

Family is very important to Cyndy. She and her husband are helping to raise her three-year-old grandson. It is the greatest gift and challenge of her life. She sees this as a blessing and loves every minute of it! Watching a grandchild grow and develop from close up is truly special!